The Western Standards: Vol. 5
From a sunstroke to the rabid wolves, everything's out to get you! But lucky for you, I'm here to help that you stay alive and fine, and have a great life out here. When I'm done with you, you'll get along with the circumstances like hot-dog and mustard!

- From : Alexandria Martin

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Maddison Holloway

Maddison Holloway This was a very good article!

Cade Burnham

Cade Burnham I hope you are not out there selling my horses Alec...

Maxwell Woodson

Maxwell Woodson I don't think selling the horses would be a wise decision but if one is getting more profit then I think choosing to sell would be a richie option! Fab Work, Alec!!

Jeyan Lancaster

Jeyan Lancaster That's a choice indeed, selling them might be an advantage, but shouldn't we also consider the other advantages of keeping them? 'Cause there are also many advantages! That way, one should be able to determine which choice is heavier in the balance, I guess

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