Breyden Halloway
Week Orders
Channing Whitworth was hired and already almost burned the house down. Adam Reid was not very happy with the lad..

Sierra Golightly ordered a loaf of pumpkin bread and Louisa Barrows made it perfectly!
Cleora Milligan
Issue No. #002
Year 1, Week 3
Welcome back to WANTED! And do we have a blog for you today. Sit back and get comfy, this one is a doozy!

Minister Breyden Halloway, of the Deputies has been charged with complaints. Now, you may wonder, what is there to complain abotu Breyden? He is everything a gal would want? Right? Wrong. He has too many sheep! Townkolk have sent in complaints about his flock of sheep being way to noisy during the night.

Breyden Halloway! You have been charged with complaints for your enormous flock of sheep being too noisy during the night. Might I ask, why do you have so many sheep? Is there a reason you have so many?b>

Complaints...I could have sworn no one lived near my place....! Well as for my sheep, I am spiritually connected to sheep, they are my life and best friends! the best companions you can have in life are sheep.

You are the Minister of Deputies, correct? Can you explain what your job entails and maybe explain why sheep have been seen headbutting townfolk who break the law?

I am indeed the Minister of Deputies, My job is to basically make sure people are following the law and to train the deputies of this for the headbutting I know nothing of ;)

Do you plead guilty or innocent?

I am innocent as a lamb

That was quite the case! Breyden seems suspicous; his answers were extremely vague. He says to have a spiritual connection to his sheep... well, what are we to even believe nowadays in West End? To top it all off, as innocent as a lamb! Well, I'll be! What do you think of this all? Is Breyden guilty or innocent?
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