Mr. Meowdy's Guide to Wild Pets
Have you ever wondered what animals you could keep as pets? Maybe you have been thinking of getting yourself a more exotic companion but don't know which one to get. Well, look no further pawtner, because here you will find a guide to all the different animals and how to care for them, maybe one of these could be your new companion here in the Wild West!



Welcome to this first week's issue of Mr. Meowdy's Guide to Wild Pets and Companions. A few furry companions you may know already, have been selected as this week's wild pets, so without further-a-do let's get into it.

Our first companion of the Wild West is the majestic, commonly known furry companions, cats!  A very loyal but sometimes reserved, clever animal, the cat is in the top 5 of desired pets. This furry companion can help you with a number of things, such as hunting small critters such as mice, rats, and so on. They are also great for cuddles but be aware this little furry friend has claws! 
Cats are one of the easier companions to take care of, all you need is a bowl for food, and a water dish. Cats are social animals meaning they need interactions and attention (Some cats more than others) so remember to play with your cat if your cat seeks you out.
Wild cats need fewer social interactions than a more tame cat, but like humans, every cat has its own personality! No cat is the same.

Energetic and loud, are words you can use to describe foxes. Many wouldn't think a fox would make a good pet companion due to their wild nature but, foxes can indeed be domesticated.


Much like cats and dogs these animals, also require social interactions such as playtime, petting, and training. Even though it's still a wild animal, domesticated foxes can be much like a mix of dog and cat. They require a lot of space so if you plan on keeping domesticated foxes a nice and big cage or crate is needed for these furry friends. 


A fox's diet is a bit like a cat's, fresh meat, berries, and fruits. access to fresh water is also a requirement if you wish to keep foxes.


For those who dare this little companion is a very different kind of pet to own from the two previously mentioned companions. Badgers are known for their more aggressive and territorial behavior, but they can be kept as pets if you are careful and know how to handle these little black-and-white-furred friends.
If you wish to keep one of these companions you will need to make a burrow-like structure for them to reside in as this is where the badger feels most safe.
Badger diet consists of a wide range of stuff, such as earthworms. insects, and grubs, They also eat small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and birds, as well as roots and fruit.



And with the lovely but not-so-neighborhood-friendly badger, that concludes this week's issue of Mr. Meowdy's guide to Wild pets, what animals would you want to see next week? leave a comment below and your animal might get featured!
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 Written by Breyden Holloway