Mr. Meowdy's Guide to Wild Pets
Have you ever wondered what animals you could keep as pets? Maybe you have been thinking of getting yourself a more exotic companion but don't know which one to get. Well, look no further pawtner, because here you will find a guide to all the different animals and how to care for them, maybe one of these could be your new companion here in the Wild West!



Welcome to this second week's issue of Mr. Meowdy's Guide to Wild Pets and Companions. A few furry companions you may know already, have been selected as this week's wild pets, so without further-a-do let's get into it.

Keeping a hawk as a pet is generally not recommended since they, of course, belong to the wild. Hawks are wild birds of prey and have specific needs that are difficult to meet in a domestic setting like your home would be. So there are ethical considerations when it comes to keeping wild animals like a hawk as pets. If you are interested in birds of prey, you may want to look into the Animal Care class or Archery and Hunting to learn more about these magnificent birds in their natural habitat.

When many people decide to get a pet, the follow up question is usually: ‘Cat or dog?’ However, one type of pet that people tend to overlook is rabbits, when in fact, they’re one of the best furry friends you could ask for. Depending on who you are and what your lifestyle is, a rabbit could be the perfect pet.

When it comes to rabbit ownership, the level of commitment needed is much lower than with other pets. They can be as cuddly and interactive as a dog, but you don’t need to take them out for walks. And they can have as much personality as a cat, minus the bursts of extreme energy that so many cats are prone to. In short, rabbits are a happy medium between many of the most popular pets and might be a great choice for your home.


Keeping an eagle as a pet is not recommended for several reasons. Eagles are wild animals and keeping them as pets can be harmful to both the eagle and the owner.  Additionally, eagles have specific dietary and environmental needs that are difficult to meet in a domestic setting like your home. It's important to respect eagles as wild animals and appreciate them in their natural habitats. If you're interested in eagles, consider taking either the Animal Care or Archery and Hunting class to see if they are the right pet for you.



That concludes this week's issue of Mr. Meowdy's guide to Wild pets, what animals would you want to see next week? Leave a comment below and your animal will get featured!
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