Horses in the Wild West
One of the most essential companions of inhabitants in the Wild West, a magnificent creature. Maybe you have been wondering which one of these creatures would be the best fit for you. Here you can learn a little about some of the different breeds of horses that exist in the Wild West.



Welcome to this first week's issue of Mr. Meowdy's Guide to Wild Pets and Companions. A few furry companions you may know already, have been selected as this week's wild pets, so without further-a-do let's get into it.

Quarter Horse
Our first companion of the Wild West is the majestic, commonly known furry companions, cats!  A very loyal but sometimes reserved, clever animal, the cat is in the top 5 of desired pets. This furry companion can help you with a number of things, such as hunting small critters such as mice, rats, and so on. They are also great for cuddles but be aware this little furry friend has claws! 




And with the lovely but not-so-neighborhood-friendly badger, that concludes this week's issue of Mr. Meowdy's guide to Wild pets, what animals would you want to see next week? leave a comment below and your animal might get featured!

We have some job openings here in the Wild West if you are interested! 
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Instructor of Frontier Training

Instructor of Animal Care

Instructor of Stealth and espionage


Please Contact the Mayor (Mary McMillen) and the Sheriff (Edgar Vaughn) if you wish to apply for these wonderful subjects!

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 Written by Breyden Holloway