Do you love to topic but you are not able to decide which location is suitable for what? Then Don't you worry, I, Norwood Berryman would be bringing a small instruction booklet guide for y'all which comes in handy especially for role-playing bi-weekly. Welcome to a New blog series named "Western Areas!" We got a lot of roleplaying locations on the site which we will be discovering bi-weekly.


Let's begin with this week's location:





I hope Sheriff LaGuardia didn't see me sneak into his office to gather information for this post!Let me just hope that it wouldn't get me in trouble although I couldn't be happier to create more trouble for the Sheriff. It will make his job a little hard but thats why Sheriff is there in the Wild West,right? To ensure the law enforcement in the Town-to stop the suspicious activities happening in the town and finding a way to catch those criminals,putting them behind the bars and having a peaceful town where everyone lives in harmony. You will notice as you go into the Sheriff's office, there would traditionally be a table and some chairs,lamp on the table which I pretty sure might be helpful for doing work in the night.


In the Sherrif's Office , there would definitely be lying a file filled with the names of the most infamous criminals of both whether they are captured or they are still a lot of work required to catch them!The westerners can usually come here to tell their grievances to the Sheriff if they find something weird going on in the town or to lodge a complaint for Sheriff to look into, solving mysteries to the robbery or murder.I am not sure if I was seeing it correctly but I did notice some photos of goose hanging in the Sheriff's office.If you did get a look of Sheriff's Office!Comment down to tell me about the Sheriff's office which I might have missed out and if you agree Sheriff's office having a goose portrait comment as well!Exposing our Sheriff a little is fun! 


Is this the place you have in mind for your topic? Awesome to hear.Then please do topic here.Just (click here) and then you can create a topic.Remember to have a quick look at the roleplaying rules too before you start your topic journey to the Sherrif's Office (a nice place to have a topic with our innovative Sherrif)!(click here)


If you have a particular location in mind and you want it to be featured in the next post, please do pony message me. Feedbacks for the blog post are always welcome. Can't wait to see y'all roleplaying in these topic locations.


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