WANTED!! (Edition #001)
Down in West End, a crime is brewing. The criminal is WANTED!! Who will it be? With they be proven innocent or guilty?

- From : Cleora Milligan

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Delilah Snyder

Delilah Snyder I love this! Can’t wait to read more!

Levi Thornton

Levi Thornton This first article was great!

Maxwell Woodson

Maxwell Woodson Mind - blowing post!! Looking forward for the next edition!! :D

Marco Davidson

Marco Davidson Awesome article!! Great work

Annabelle Hartley

Annabelle Hartley Loved this. Can't wait for the next edition!

Logan Swanson

Logan Swanson I am a great cook wdym D: Also yes, I am sure Mary will be reading this so Imma just say that we indeed share saddlebags. :x Amazing blog post!

Hana Sasagawa

Hana Sasagawa Great first article! Can't wait for Issue 2 <3

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