An interesting staff interview #2
As you all know, in this Blog we are going to know better the people who help World of Wild West grow. Today, we interview Hayley Callaghan, the Minister of Librarians.

- From : Catherine Bennett

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Nicholas Hawthrone

Nicholas Hawthrone Sacrifices..

Maxwell Woodson

Maxwell Woodson Excellent Interview,Ms.Callaghan and lovely questions, Linn! :D Soo wonderfully done!Super excited for next one already. :D

Allison LaGuardia

Allison LaGuardia Good work! :D

Arthur McCarthy

Arthur McCarthy Well well well. More info about... Callaghan. *Saves everything into his notebook*

Nayeli Onawa

Nayeli Onawa It's been great to know a bit more of Hayley :D

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