WANTED!! (Editionn #002)
Today we interview Breyden Halloway. Will he be proven innocent or guilty?

- From : Cleora Milligan

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Maxwell Woodson

Maxwell Woodson Breyden and his shiny sheeps ;) hehe hehe

Leonie Crumrine

Leonie Crumrine Sheep? 0-0 Too many? We can make some good stew from them... there.. problem solved xD

Niana Sieger

Niana Sieger Excuse me, one of his sheep headbutted ME! He's as innocent as that sheep I chased into the Saloon last week.

Mary McMillen

Mary McMillen I know this man is innocent and a great Minister of Deputies... though I also have to say that Breyden is indeed, a bad sheep farmer.

Channing Whitworth

Channing Whitworth Hm, this man is definitely someone everyone needs to keep an eye out for. Perhaps a bribe or two would work?

Breyden Holloway

Breyden Holloway I love it <3 I stand my answer though Innocent as a lamb ;)

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