The Chosen Totem #001
This blog will feature each possible totem that a Totem Bearer could possess. Other than the meaning of the totem, this blog will also provide several fun facts related to the animals. Do the actual animals have any relations with the meaning of the Totem itself? Read through and find out by yourself!

- From : Louisa Barrows

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Mary McMillen

Mary McMillen Love the blog idea, Louisa!

Nora James

Nora James Ooh I’m excited about this series!

Maxwell Woodson

Maxwell Woodson Ohh Butterfly <3 Amazing Series! Can't to know more about the secrets each and every totem beholds.

Logan Swanson

Logan Swanson Wonderful blog, Louisa! I will just look at butterflies from afar, that way they still look cute. Up close they're horrid D:

Kaya Rivers

Kaya Rivers Great article Louisa! So interesting ♥

Leonie Crumrine

Leonie Crumrine What a lovely article <3

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